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Garment District

Detroit's first-ever Garment District is being created in the New Center section of Detroit. We have more than 30 Michigan-based companies - most currently located outside the city - that want to come together and locate within the garment district. 

UPDATE: We are currently touring businesses interested in Phase 1 space in the district. There is approximately 4,000 square feet left in this first phase for lease. Lease prices range from $14-18 sq. ft. If you are interested, please fill out the Word document survey below, send to, and note that you would like an appointment to tour the garment district.


Why Is this the Right Time for a Garment District?

So many reasons. We need other skilled trade options that earn a living wage in Detroit other than just automotovie. While the state pushes the tech industry with aplomb, many people don't have the college education required for these jobs. The apparel industry offers opportunities with room for growth to all people.


According to a report from the Joint Economic Committee of U.S. Congress, fashion is a $1.2 trillion industry that employs 1.9 million people in the U.S. & has a positive impact on regional economies across the country. NYC's garment district is too expensive & companies are being displaced as developers buy buildings there for hotels. They need someplace to go. Why not here?

That same report shows that there are economic benefits when businesses in a particular industry cluster together, allowing them to take advantage of a skilled pool of labor, build relationships between suppliers and producers, foster innovation and enhance productivity, helping to boost wages within the cluster.


We'll keep this page updated as information is released or there is progress to report, so please check back regularly or sign up for our mailing list in the top right corner of the page to stay up-to-date.

Want To Locate To the Garment Disctrict?

If you would like to be located in the district, we want to hear from you! Please download the Word file survey below and email it to us along with any questions. 


Garment Disctrict Advisory Board

Tracy Reese - American Fashion Designer

Kevan Hall - American Fashion Designer

Bob Bland - Founder of Manufacture NY

Mandy Rice - Vice President of Global Surface Material Engineering and Design of Trim Group for Lear Corporation

Christina Liedtke - Owner and Designer of Fashion Brand Christiana J. Paul

Deanna Swisher - Fashion Law Expert at Foster Swift

Mark D'Andreta - Owner of Cut and Sew Manufacturer TDIC


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