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Our mentorship program is a well-rounded group of events and resources to match members of our fashion community with experts in their fields, who are willing to give their time and share their knowledge to grow our fashion industry in Michigan and retain our talent. 

Why We Are Building It

Our community has overwhelmingly voiced the need for mentorship, and we believe the way to be most effective in providing this service is through an organized program that mixes events, an extensive resource list and individualized matching to ensure our fashion community is getting the right mentorship from the right experts to help propel them on their individual paths in this industry right here in Michigan. 

About Mentoring

Traditionally, mentorship has been viewed as a one-on-one, longer-term relationship, often conducted in person. But mentoring can and should be so much more. Some people need a specific resource whom they can email a single question or get on the phone with for 10 minutes. And by having access to a big group of mentors, there’s an expert in most any field they may need available to them, versus utilizing a single mentor with extensive knowledge in one area but limited knowledge in others. 


Our Resources

We have a broad list of experts in the fashion industry, as well as leaders in business, who have worked with our nonprofit through prior programming. We will activate this group by securing a commitment of mentorship hours per month from each mentor, and then breaking that time into 15-minute increments to take up the least amount of their time while affecting as many people within our fashion community as possible. After the initial 15-minute mentoring, the mentor can choose to provide a mentee additional time based on need. 


The mentors’ headshots and bios will be on a mentorship page on our website, where our fashion community can go at any time to review the experts available and then click a direct email link to set up their times through us.

First Mentorship Event

In spring 2020, we will host a mentorship “speed-dating” event, where members of our fashion community and our committed mentors will come together for multiple two-minute sessions to jumpstart their understanding of what mentorship is, what types of mentors are available, and give them a glimpse of the value of having experts available to answer questions and guide them along their paths.


The Impact

We expect to impact a minimum of 100 people from our fashion community in our first year through one or more of our mentorship events and activities.

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