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ArinAri is a start-up company that will sell self-designed, unique, one of one dresses, for women to look stylish, elegant, stand out in events. The company started off with a collection of dresses and will expand it’s portfolio to become a well-known brand for evening dresses first in Detroit Metro.

ArinAri will make it possible for women to make custom dresses inspired by their dreams and vision.

The company is co-founded by Arita Thaqi and Ariana Demaj. Two sisters with years of experience in various design positions; graphic, interior and fashion. They started in the fashion industry by designing and making dresses for themselves and their close friends as a passion of theirs and that lead to the ARINARI concept.

ARINARI is a celebration of every women’s uniqueness regardless of background. At the core, the two sisters believe that the experience of buying a dress determines how you feel about the dress you wear. From the minute you reach out to the minute you try your dress on, you go through a unique, one of a kind experience that will make you feel amazing and coming back for more.

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