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On The Town: Fashion Panel at Michigan Fashion Week

The Fashion Panel for Michigan Fashion Week took place last night at the Baronette Renaissance Hotel (so chic) in Novi and it was fash-tastic. Karen Buscemi, Founder and President of DG3—surely, you already know this but we’re listing the rest of the titles so it just makes sense to add it—Mia Ray, blogger from Confessions of a Glam-aholic, and Courtney Miarka and Matt Yessian, founders of The Styled Life, a wardrobe consulting platform, came together to speak about the business of fashion.

It was an extremely informative discussion with attentive and fashionable attendees who all had very thoughtful questions for the speakers. DG3 live-tweeted little gems throughout the evening. In case you missed the live tweets or you don’t have a Twitter account (what???), we have compiled them all right here for you.

"In the fashion industry, finding your niche is such an important thing to do." - Karen Buscemi, Founder and President of DG3 "In New York, you can be a little fish in a big pond, but in Detroit, you can be a big fish in a small pond." - KB "If you're looking to get into a magazine, always make that email everything it needs to be because it will make all of the difference in the world when it comes to getting someone’s attention." - KB "When I started my blog, I pulled out my laptop and I wanted to talk about what I loved." – Mia Ray, Founder of Confessions of a Glam-aholic "I really believe that my blog became so successful because I was consistent." – MR "No matter what I do, Confessions of a Glam-aholic is my foundation; even when I went to do my product line, I did not neglect my blog." - MR Tip for blogging: “Be organic, do it because you love it, not because you want to get paid." - MR Another tip for blogging: "Consistency is king and content is queen." - MR "It's about taking your passions and turning them into a business." – Courtney Miarka, Co-founder of The Styled Life (Formerly Stylyste) "It's not about how great you are, it's about how to get clients and maintain that recurring relationship." - CM "But now, when you have all of your clients interacting with you in one space, you do have the time to style outfits for clients." - CM "Most people want to feel like they look nice but they don't know what to do and, on average, a woman takes 20 minutes to think about what they're going to wear." – Justin Yessian, Co-founder of The Styled Life (Formerly Stylyste)

If you couldn’t make it to the fashion panel, there will be a fashion-networking event happening at MEX Restaurant in Bloomfield Hills tonight, and Michigan Fashion Week Showcase at Ultimate Soccer Arena in Pontiac Saturday night, so you still have time to take part in all of the local fashion that is Michigan Fashion Week. Check out all the activities at