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On The Town: Trendevous at Carson's

Twice a year, Carson’s at Laurel Park Place puts on a fabulous fashion show and shopping extravaganza and this fall show was no exception. It was an early Saturday morning but with the help of a smooth cup of joe and under-eye makeup we were ready. The day started out with a fashion show that included the Top 10 Fall Must Haves, the Ruff Hewn Grey trend, the Sporty Chic trend and outfit options for work, weekends and date nights. It was all pretty fabulous and once the fashion show concluded, guests were invited to shop the looks they just saw on the runway. It was genius. Each look was numbered, listed on the programs, and the clothes were put into their respective numbered sections throughout the store so people could buy exactly what they saw. Effortless shopping and styling at its finest.

If you felt major FOMO (fear of missing out) while reading this post, don’t stress too much. They have a spring show you can attend, and if you go to, you can sign up to stay updated with all of their events. Voila!