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On The Town: Dancing with the Survivors

The Pink Fund’s Dancing with the Survivors took place last night and it was a night DG3 won’t soon forget. Guests were encouraged to wear pink, and as we walked into Art Van, the crowd of people was peppered with the hue, tables were covered in fuchsia tablecloths and even the furniture displays had rosé accents.

The dancers were dressed in their beautiful dance costumes and walking about for everyone to see all of the hard work our local designers had put into them. Guests were imbibing and patiently waiting for the showcase to begin. People were already in their seats well before the show started, and as soon as it did, it seemed like no one could take their eyes off the dance floor.

Each performance was preceded by a touching but fun video of the breast cancer survivor’s journey through breast cancer along with preparing for their dance, and once they got on the floor, they really gave it their all. The professional dancers from Fred Astaire Dance Studio were flipping their partners around the floor and it was so fun to watch! Sabrina Mayhew was the last survivor to get on the dance floor, and once her performance was over, it turned into a flash mob of dancing. About 30 people participated, getting down with their bad selves – it was really a perfect ending to a perfect evening of fun, dancing and awareness.

And, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, don’t forget to schedule your mammogram appointments, ladies!