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DG3’s FashionSpeak is Just Around The Corner!


After stuffing 250 gift bags for FashionSpeak, we sure can’t get this unique event, focusing on the business of fashion, off of our minds and we have tons of questions popping into our brains at all times. Is the FashionSpeak checklist updated? Do we have every last thing we need to make for a great day? What are we going to wear? Heels or flats? (Flats, of course, but heels for the reception.) You know, every fashion girl’s most important round of questions before an event.

This year, we have a great lineup of knowledgeable and fun speakers from the fashion and cut and sew industries, including Tracy Reese (OMG!), and we can’t wait to hear what they have to say. Every single topic covered on October 16 is so important to a fashion business—or any business—that we are extremely happy with our decision to extend the speakers’ time on stage. Now, attendees will have even more time to learn and ask tons of questions.

We can’t pick a favorite presentation because they are all so great, but we want to know who you are most looking forward to seeing? Which speaker do you think will be the most beneficial for your business or future business endeavor? What would you ask if you could have a one-on-one with any of them?

If you are a little shy about speaking up in front of all the attendees, or are worried you’ll forget your question when the time comes, comment below! We will put all of the questions on a master list to be sure they are answered. All we need from you is your name, the speaker(s) you would like to address, and your question(s). So easy!

See you at FashionSpeak!