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Fabulous, Fantastical FashionSpeak 2014!

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It's hard to sit down and compose a blog post about FashionSpeak as there is more to say than you have time to read. First and foremost, we have to thank our sponsors because without them, this day wouldn’t be possible. Thank you to Taubman, Bedrock Real Estate Services, Kenwal, StyleLine (RIP), TDIC, Buddy’s, Sips, US Foods, ZIMs, Emerald City Designs, M1 Gear, Flagstar Bank, B2 Consulting, Styleshack and Ke Event Designs. We also must thank the volunteers – the day played out so smoothly thanks to all of you. And huge thanks to photographers Xiang CCLC and Olga Gamburg for capturing the day for us. And finally, to the DG3 Board, you are the metaphorical heart that beats to keep our programming moving forward. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Now for the fun stuff – the speakers! The conference covered a wide variety of subjects and each speaker was most informative, warm and encouraging. We have compiled a list of quotes from each presentation that are great tips to utilize when building a business in the fashion world.

Rachel Lutz, Owner of The Peacock Room and Frida

“Think of brand loyalty as a marriage and not a fling.”

“Jump into Detroit retail. People want options, locally made. But be really of the city.”

“Help your customers believe in your brand. Tell them a story. Be authentic.”

“Brand loyalty is a balance of leadership and consistency.”

“If you base your brands on price or discounts, you are ruining yourself.”

Bridget Sullivan and Jeanette Puig-Pey, Automotive Fabric Designer & Global Design Manager, Lear