Local Designer Series: Lili Camaj of Little Miss Obsessive

Image Courtesy of Irene Mahmud

Lili Camaj of Little Miss Obsessive has grown her brand in a non-conventional way. Exclusively using social media, Lili has managed to bring her line of accessories out to the masses and bloggers. Celebs including Aubrey Anderson (Lily) from Modern Family and Jessica Szohr (Vanessa) from Gossip Girl have been captured sporting Little Miss Obsessive. We chatted with Lili to gain a little insight on how she did it and she let us in on her secret. #thankful

Tell us a little about yourself and how you started Little Miss Obsessive.

I always had a passion for the fashion and beauty industries since I was little. I was a licensed cosmetologist doing hair and makeup; I did a lot of personal shopping and fashion styling and also did a lot of creative directing on photo shoots. On the photo shoots, I would make accessories, and after a while, they really started getting noticed and requests for the accessories would come in. As I started making custom tutus and accessories, the demand for hair accessories grew so I decided to take it to the next level.

How do you reach your customers via social media outlets? What's the secret?!

Social media is awesome, if you know how to use it the right way. No Facebook, just Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. For Instagram, hashtags are great, especially for people who are looking for a #headband for their #wedding or a birthday #gift. So, people will search, and your designs pop up in the results and essentially you're helping someone find exactly what they were looking for. Showcasing your product, as well as your personal style, will get people to see what your line is all about, and when people relate, they love that. They feel like they can connect with you instead of just being another "follower." Pinterest is great, too, because girls love pretty things and let's face it, you can never just be on Pinterest for 5 minutes – it always turns into an hour of pinning dream outfits and vacations. Networking is key, just like in any business, and word of mouth. Doing hair and makeup for photo shoots was amazing for networking and marketing and also taking part in fashion shows and charity events. Many of my customers will refer friends and tag them in my comments to show them a piece they might be interested in purchasing.

What's the best and the most outrageous advice you have received? The best advice is stay true to your style and it will reflect in every piece you design. The most outrageous was to use cheaper materials. For example, to skip the Swarovski and use cheaper stones, the sparkle just isn't the same and bling lovers know the shine when they see it. If I wouldn't buy or wear it, I wouldn't sell it to my customers.

Do you have any fashion pet peeves?

Showing too much at once. You can be sexy and fashion forward without exposing it all.

Right now—and no cheating—what are the contents of your purse?

Today I rocked my crossbody bag, so not much room for the usual five pounds of things. Cell phone, debit card, license, business card, Heidi D lip gloss and two pieces of Take 5 gum.

If you could have a TV or movie characters wardrobe, whose would it be and why?

Andrea from the Devil Wears Prada, leather Chanel thigh high boots—need I say more?

The Fendi Baguette or Hermes Birkin?

Hands down, Birkin.

Jackie O or Marilyn?

Jackie all the way.


Image Courtesy of Angelina Venturella for Project Mermaid


Images courtesy of Little Miss Obsessive

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