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Wear It’s At: Gray Eminence

Dreary days, like today, should be fully embraced. Does it look stormy? Yes. Is it cold? Of course it is. But let’s use that for outfit inspiration and go gray! Smoky colored garb is great by itself but it's even better when paired with other neutral items. The next time you’re getting dressed, pull out all the gray duds that are stuffed in your closet and put them together! Closet shopping can be the best shopping. But if you’re in the market for something new, check out our favorite grays here.

Going Grey 1.jpg

1. Cartonnier Neoprene Cocoon Coat, $178, Anthropologie, metro Detroit locations.

2. Toy Watch Textured Camouflage Watch, $228, Anthropologie, metro Detroit locations.

3. Vita Fede Mini Titan Bracelet, $225, Intermix, 248.643.1997.

4. Club Monaco Adele Cashmere Scarf, $130, Club Monaco, 248.649.2665.

5. Tory Burch Small Frame Flannel Satchel, $595, Tory Burch, 248.458.1307.

6. Club Monaco Alegra Leather Pant, $695, Club Monaco, 248.649.26665.