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Industry Spotlight: Fashion Blogger

Detroit-native and blogger Mia Ray has created a blog so successful, she makes a living off of it, and it has even inspired lifestyle products including hair extensions, bags and tees. With over 600,000 blog views, Confessions of a Glam-Aholic features trends, exclusives, tutorials and serves as a consumer’s roadmap to finding obscure pieces. DG3 had a chance to chat with Mia about her career as a fashion blogger.

Tell us a little about your blog and how you got your start.

Confessions Of A Glam-Aholic is a down-to-earth fashion blog for the everyday girl. I cover everything fashion, hair and beauty; my blog is geared towards living a stylish lifestyle. I got my start in November 2009 after a great friend of mine suggested that I should share my great tips and advice with the world. I started the very next day and I haven't slowed down since.

How long did it take for you to start making money from your blog and how did all of that happen and evolve over the years?

Let's just say that it didn't happen overnight! Seriously, I made my first coin from blogging during my third year. The steady flow of income didn't come until just recently. I remained consistent over the few years that I've been blogging, slowly but surely building up my foundation and following. That's how the money gets made – you need a secure audience.

How do you keep your blog relevant?

I'm really big on being organic and authentic. I believe that's what keeps me relevant. As long as I remain relatable and speak on topics of interest, I'll pretty much stay afloat.

If bloggers had to have rules, what would be the five most important rules you think a blogger should follow? <