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Oh, Shop It: Mix-and-match Leggings


Eleven-year-old Josie Ervin saw a girl wearing leggings with a different color on each leg, found out that it was a homemade gift from her grandmother and shared this knowledge with her grandfather Tom Ervin. That conversation sparked an idea that would bring Tom back into the business world. He recruited designer Shelly Chilton of Lake Orion and – voila! – OPPOS, short for opposites, was born.

The line of detachable leggings comes in a variety of colors and patters and has a zipper that allows girls to swap one leg for a different one. OPPOS is made in the USA and comes in sizes ranging from extra small to extra large for ages 4 to 16. Currently, the company is working on a Spirit Wear line for older girls to showcase school pride.

“I knew that [Josie] and many other kids were still mixing and matching their socks, and I just couldn’t let this idea go,” Tom Ervin explains. “I looked at Josie and I said, ‘We are going to start a company.’”

A whopping 54 legging combinations are possible, and the legs can be purchased individually. And don’t think about getting these anywhere else: OPPOS has obtained a U.S. Patent, which gives them the exclusive rights to offer detachable leggings.

OPPOS leggings, matching tops and reversible headbands can be purchased at a kiosk in Twelve Oaks Mall in Novi and at

Image from Oppos