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I Woke Up Like This: Bedtime Beauty Bundle


After recent events, those events being Renee Zellweger’s face, DG3’s offices were abuzz with conversations about plastic surgery, beauty routines and skincare. We all know that removing the day’s makeup before bed is very important, but after a few drinks it’s hard to come home and wash your face before you retire for the evening (read: pass out on the bed with drool running down your face).

The one thing that stuck out the most during our beauty talk was Karen’s Bedtime Beauty Bundle. Karen always says, “If I can do something sitting down, chances are better that I’ll actually do it.” If she’s a little too tired to stand in the bathroom and go through the whole face-wash-tone-and-moisturize routine, she puts on her comfies, gets cozy under the covers and takes it all off. If you’re looking to create a Bedtime Beauty Bundle, here are a few suggestions to consider for your basket.

Please note: If you have a more simple routine, with products that don’t normally change, a very small basket would do the job. Karen’s basket includes a good body-butter, masks, and other occasional products, even a nail file, so she’s got everything she needs, when she needs it.