The Most Fashionable of Halloween Costumes: Part 1

Halloween can (and should) be every fashion girl’s dream; putting together a costume, dressing up and wearing outlandish makeup is something worth thinking about for weeks before the holiday. Our fashion-girl dream: To attend a Halloween costume party as Karl Lagerfeld and Choupette – and to have everyone know exactly who we are, gushing at our clever idea. However, as hard as it may be to believe) the majority of folks have no idea who The Kaiser is. Fortunately, there are plenty of other fashionable Halloween costumes that won’t require constant explanation. We’ve come up with a list of very fashionable and recognizable Halloween costumes. Remember, the best part about a fashionable costume is that the pieces can be used in your everyday wardrobe. Yes!

Have a hauntingly chic Halloween!


Cruella De Vil, from 101 Dalmatians: Everyone detests a villain but they are always best dressed. A white fur jacket and chic black dress with red accessories is exactly something we could wear to a Halloween party ­– and for date night.


Cher, from Clueless: Luckily, the ‘90s are back, so finding plaid apparel for this costume should be a breeze! Use “as if” and “whatever” while you converse and people will know who you are instantly.


Faye Dunaway’s Bonnie, from Bonnie and Clyde: Once you’ve secured her signature beret, you could probably find the rest of this outfit in your closet. A timeless outfit that you could wear shopping this weekend.


Don Draper, from Mad Men: Boys, this is for you. Grab your suit, a candy cigarette and a whiskey glass, add a little gel to your hair and part it to the side, and with the right arch of the eyebrow, you’ll be emulating the dapper Don Draper.


Marilyn Monroe: White dresses are always in fashion and getting one with a flowy bottom is great for both this costume and hot summer days. Wear a white-blonde short wig (if you’re a brunette) or curl your tresses, and don’t forget to bring your fan!


Mia Wallace, from Pulp Fiction: Bring out your inner bad girl and go as Mia Wallace. Wear all black and a short wig with bangs, and whenever you need to leave a conversation say, “I have to go powder my nose.”

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