A Letter from DG3’s President: It’s Time To Change the World’s Perception of Detroit Fashion

detroit fashion scene instagram shot.png
I am often interviewed regarding various fashion topics that have Detroit relevance, and during those interviews I am typically asked, “How do you describe Detroit fashion?”

It’s not an easy answer. And it’s not because we are not a fashionable town. It’s because we don’t fit into any mold.

In New York, even the tourists have a handle on New York fashion: sleek, all-black, loads of fabulous flat boots. How about LA? Colorful, whimsical, sometimes risky, loads of fabulous of bare skin.

It’s not that easy for us. Here, I see everything from vintage princesses to Chanel royalty. And from one day to the next, they can transition from solid neutrals to patterns of primary colors, strictly depending on their moods. Maybe that’s it: we’re a moody town. After all, we all know if you don’t like the weather here, wait 15 minutes. Perhaps our constant change to adapt to our weather patterns fuels our constant need to play with our styles.

Media outlets have trouble defining Detroit style, too