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Industry Spotlight: PR Expert Shares Tips for Building a Successful Fashion Business

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Wanting to be the change she wanted to see in Detroit, Cayce Karpinski, Account Executive at Siren PR, launched a blog and moved down to Detroit to share with the world all of the city’s hidden gems. Luckily for us, she agreed to share with DG3 some of her own public relations-related hidden gems – so business owners, read up! Media tips are always helpful.

Tell us about your Public Relations journey.

I started using social media to interact with fellow Detroiter’s, ex-pats of the city and local news anchors. It was an eye-opening time in my life. I realized how, in this globalized world we live in, people craved that old-school connection of yesteryear, and social media was the commonplace to recreate that bond. Consumers could speak directly to a brand, and the brand could speak back – all in real time. I wanted to help companies navigate and find their place in this new world. I went on to work for a few different local PR agencies in southeast Michigan and found my niche in the consumer sector, working with retailers, photographers, restaurants and magazines. I went on to join Siren PR, a company started by two kick-butt women who, like me, wanted to go out on their own and help companies build their brands and connect with customers.

Not every designer or business owner can afford PR services. What can they do to help promote and grow their business from a PR standpoint?

Social media is the simplest and most cost-effective way for a designer to get out there to not only promote their business, but also connect with other people in the industry and develop relationships with potential brand ambassadors. Brand ambassadors are like customers, but more powerful because they don’t just buy your products, they shout it from the rooftop and tell everyone how fabulous you are. They’re AMAZING and are created through building relationships. To do this, start off small, with one network and then grow from there (I suggest Instagram). Listen to your audience and grow their a