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Dancing with the Survivors: Emma Witte

I want to do two things in my life: Be inspired by inspiring people and inspire people to be inspired. A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet an inspiring and strong women named Brenda Hawkes. She will be performing in this year's Dancing With the Survivors event and I am lucky enough to be part of her process by designing the dance costume!

After she shared her journey, I could not have been more excited when Brenda told me she would be preforming the Hustle to “Stayin’ Alive,” because what better way to disco with her partner than in a '70s-inspired jumpsuit!

The most important aspect I have learned when creating dancewear is texture, texture, texture! In my design I combined sequins, fringe, chiffon and silk charmeuse in the colors black and blue (Brenda’s favorite color), which transcends the costume beyond its intrinsic value. I was lucky enough to pick out my unique materials at Mood Designer Fabrics while in New York City earlier this month and even have Swatch, the beloved store mascot pose for a picture with me!

Just as Brenda has inspired me during this process, I hope I can inspire you to join us on October 2 to celebrate and support the breast cancer survivors as they dance the evening away!

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