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Congratulations To the First Class of the Industrial Sewing Certificate Program!

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The energy in the classroom at Henry Ford College M-TEC was palpable; the students were excited, the instructors looked so proud and we couldn't have been happier to spend the last hour of the first Industrial Sewing Certificate Program with everyone. The students showed off their sewing sample books and shared stories of their time in the program. They even explained how they named their sewing machines based on the “personality” of each machine.

Once each student had an opportunity to share about her time in the program and next steps for becoming employed with a cut and sew manufacturer, we had a ceremony to present the students with their certificates. Following the ceremony, we enjoyed refreshments and snacks and did a little more mixing and mingling.

Next up: The faculty at HFC M-TEC, DG3 and the manufacturing partners will meet to discuss all aspects of the pilot program and determine what should be tweaked before the next program launches January 26, 2015. The January class will be another 6-week, Monday through Friday, 180-hour program. If you think you may qualify for funding, call your local Michigan Works! office to start the process to get into the program. If you are able to pay your own way, email for information on how to apply.