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Local Designer Series: Handmade Leather Good Line Launched in Detroit

Husband and wife duo Shane and Melissa Douglas started with a passion for handmade leather goods, which blossomed into Douglas & Co. Detroit. Their goal: to create leather products as beautiful as the people who surrounded them in the city of Detroit. Each item created by Douglas & Co. Detroit is a labor of love deeply rooted in the city as 100% of their manufacturing process takes place locally. We spoke with Shane and got the scoop on their luxe new line that launched this past Saturday.


DG3: Are all of your products sewn in-house and what has been the benefit of manufacturing your own products?

Shane Douglas: All products are sewn in our studio located in the city of Detroit by the two of us. Since we control the facets of production it enables us to design, modify and adjust our approach on the spot as needed all while maintaining consistent quality.