Industry Spotlight: Beauty Guru Talks Hair, Makeup and Styling for Different Fashion Applications


Katrina Malota is a triple threat in the local fashion industry; she styles hair magically, applies makeup beautifully and puts together an outfit effortlessly. She even took on a fashion shoot for StyleLine magazine this year doing all three jobs in one day. While she works on photo shoots on the side, her day job is just as glamorous, transforming hair at Luigi Bruni Salon in Birmingham. If anyone can spill on all aspects of styling for photo shoots, it’s Katrina, and she shared all with us for this Industry Spotlight.

DG3: Can you tell us about the use of hair in different applications, such as fashion editorial vs. a look book vs. a fashion show?

Katrina Malota: In look books, simplicity is best. Hair and makeup should not be the focus because your designs should be allowed to shine. You would still keep it your visual style but not wild. For editorials, you get to play and imagine all kinds of different styles coordinating with the photographer and creating a dream ideal. A fashion show is where you decide your absolute vision creatively and create the image you see.

DG3: Share a little more detail about hair for look books.

KM: The hair should be simple, whether it's up or down, soft or sleek – something that is simply the best so the buyers’ eyes stay on your designs.

DG3: Where do you see designers go wrong in these three areas?

KM: When it comes to look books, I don't think any busy nonsense is necessary – simplicity is great. Designers should allow stylists to play with the pieces and not become contrived in what they think is best. For fashion shows, designers go wrong when hair and makeup are crazy just for the sake of being crazy and they doesn’t make sense with the collection. Also, the music should be thought out, the models fitted and the dressers trained in the collection. Nothing is worse than not being prepared.

DG3: Where do you see a stylist on a fashion shoot go wrong?

KM: Most often when looking through an editorial shoot, I’m looking for a story, so things go wrong when a stylist is set on using a certain look but it doesn’t fit the story, or the hair or makeup doesn’t change when the story takes a turn.

DG3: What do you think is the most important thing for a stylist or designer to remember when they are styling a shoot for a magazine or when designers are styling a look book?

KM: Things to remember during a fashion shoot are to collaborate with the team and to push you as a stylist to step out of the box and get creative. Look books need to stay true to the designers’ style and image they are trying to evoke.

DG3: What are your three favorite hair product to use for everyday and why?

KM: Oribe Dry is my only must-have product. If I had to chose two more I would choose Kerastase Ciment Thermique, which I love to use it as a leave-in and a detangler, and Davines This is a Medium Hairspray because it smells amazing and you can still run your hands through your hair after you use it.

DG3: What's your most favorite clothing item in your closet and why?

KM: Anything soft, but my Barefoot Dreams sweater from Zieban Mare is the best travel piece.

DG3: If you could have any TV or movie character’s wardrobe, whose would it be?

KM: Sharon Stone’s wardrobe in Casino, Carrie Bradshaw or Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks.

DG3: How do you take your coffee?

KM: Starbucks Americano with steamed half n half.

DG3: Which do you prefer, Ted Gibson or Frederic Fekkai?

KM: NEITHER – ORIBE IS EVERYTHING! He's the real deal.

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