Wear It’s At: Confidant Cuffables

Make a statement this holiday season with a beautiful bracelet. Ornate cuffs are an effortless way to accessorize an outfit, and you don’t have to make sure someone is home to clasp anything for you.


1. Heavenly Honies The Detroit Cuff ™, $55, City Bird, 313.831.9146.

Detroit always makes a statement, so why not wear it on your wrist?

2. LuxDanglez Cuff, $120, LuxDanglez, 248.835.6895.

These cuffs are so versatile, they can be worn on your wrist or ankle and they will keep your extremities a bit warmer, too.

3. Oscar de la Renta Golden Coral Branch Bracelet, $375, Neiman Marcus, 248.643.3300.

Pair it with a long-sleeved cocktail dress and everyone will be talking about what’s on your arm.

4. Chloe Erika Cuff Bracelet, $630, Saks Fifth Avenue, 248.643.9000.

This is a prominent bracelet for a woman with minimalist style.

5. Konstantin Square Emrpess Cuff, $118, Anthropologie, metro Detroit locations.

An interesting piece that is neutral, stackable and can be worn with anything.

6. The Diana Blake Collection Cuff, Price Available Upon Request, The Diana Blake Collection, 248.225.9020.

An interesting cuff that is locally made; this piece should be worn by itself in order to exceed its full accessorizing potential.

7. Ann Taylor Brilliant Beetle Cuffs, $60, Ann Taylor, metro Detroit locations.

Nobody loves an insect on her wrist unless it’s this brilliant beetle.

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