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It's Flu Season, So Why Not Cough It Up for The Collection™?

graduation day for the industrial sewing class
If you have ever attended a fundraising event, you know there comes a time during the evening when the nonprofit tugs at your heartstrings with a meaningful video or speeches from individuals or families who have benefited from the organization in order to encourage you to make a donation. This is not a practice that I am condemning in any way, as an emotional connection is often what is needed to get a person or company to open their wallets and generously give. However, if you are without these necessary tools, raising money can be quite the challenge.

DG3 is without these tools. Imagery, our annual report, and our enthusiastic explanation of what 2015 holds for the fashion and cut and sew industries in Michigan is all we have to work with. The stories we share aren’t sad. They aren't wildly emotional. They are stories fille