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Oh, (Don’t) Shop It: C. Wonder to Close Its Doors

C. Wonder is a shop full of kitschy knick-knacks, glittery pieces of flare and a limited but fun line of clothing. It was reported about a couple of months ago that Chris Burch’s retail chain (or “revenge retail” chain as some people have called it – sorry Tory!) was slated to close some of its locations across the U.S., but now it looks like the company is closing for good. In a meeting with the 100 or so remaining employees, they were told that the 11 retail locations that are still open are shutting their doors for good and that includes the C. Wonder at the Somerset Collection in Troy.

"Due to the highly competitive nature of the current retail environment, C. Wonder will be closing its remaining stores,” a company spokesperson says. “The Company continues to evaluate its best alternative to maintain the C. Wonder experience for its customers."