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On The Town: Michigan Fashion Industry’s Hidden Gem


Fabric Warehouse looks exactly how it sounds; it’s a 7,800-square-foot warehouse chock-full of rows upon rows of different types of textiles for many uses. The business has been around and in the same family for more than 50 years, starting with a location in Detroit, then moving around to a couple of different locations and most recently, settling at 10 Mile and Hoover in Warren.

The warehouse is separated with fashion textiles and decorative trims on one side and upholstery and drapery on the other. Everything is reasonably priced with very low minimums (one yard) and is of only the best quality. Bradley Foltyn, the owner and operator of the warehouse, stated that he doesn’t buy fabric by seasons; it’s based on what’s available to him – and when he puts it out on the floor it usually goes pretty quickly.