On The Town: Automotive Design and Fashion Merge at the 2015 MAIN Event

The North American International Auto Show is back, which means it’s an exciting time for automobiles (of course), Detroit and fashion. One of the kick-off events to the Auto Show (or #AutoSnow as we are now seeing all over Twitter) was the 2015 MAIN Event that featured an Executive/Designer Awards and Presentation, buffet, fashion showcase, desserts, drinks and networking.

Located in the beautiful Max M. Fisher Music Center – Orchestra Hall, this event had two bars, plenty of seating, a photo booth and a delicious dinner. The programs started a bit late but with the schmoozing and people watching happening, we hardly noticed (until our stomachs began to rumble, that is).

The dress code was business professional – and some women definitely came dressed in their office pantsuits – but other ladies really stepped it up in colorful dresses, fun accessories and stilettos. Some of the men were a bit more casual – the eternity scarf was a popular accessory – but they looked great, too.

Once the award show was over, the fashion presentation began. Local brands Julie Lindsay Handbags, Cynthia LaMaide, CUREiosities and The Paper Dress Code were a few of the designers who showed on the runway. In addition to the fashion show, the designers were challenged to make outfits using some of the automotive sponsors’ materials and The Paper Dress Code from Matthew Richmond won the challenge with a volumous and structured strapless dress.

All in all it was a great way to get into gear for auto show season, and we can’t wait to see the fashion hits at all the other auto show events.

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