On The Town: New Year, Do You 2015 Presented by The She Is Project


The She Is Project, founded by our very own board member Carlotta Tutt Holloway, hosted a party to kick off the New Year. About 30 to 40 students, budding entrepreneurs and seasoned, business veterans gathered together at newly opened Café Con Leche in New Center.

Everyone enjoyed Mexican style drinks, coffee flights and desserts while networking. About an hour into networking, Carlotta had everyone shot out her name and business and we were so inspired by all of the different endeavors people have going on or what they have planned to do. There were bloggers, women with non profit or who wanted to start one, make up artists, media and marketers, designers – I mean, we could list them all day.

Once most everyone in the room had a chance to talk about who they were and what they were doing, Carlotta spoke about the programming for 2015. Launched! 2015 is The She Is Project’s biggest program for the year. It’s a two-day woman’s entrepreneur and branding summit that will happen April 3 and 4 at Charles H. Wright Museum. The summit will include workshops, Launch! Talks (similar to Ted Talks) and other types of education throughout the days. Early bird registration is happening now, and we would suggest registering for this sooner rather than later!

Another great program The She Is Project is rolling out is office hours throughout the year to help educate on a small scale about branding and entrepreneurship. It’s a great way to have one-on-one time with someone who knows how to brand and have a successful business. The evening ended with a champagne toast and a little more networking before the coffee shop closed for the night. If you would like more information about The She Is Project, visit www.thesheisproject.com.

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