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Local Designer Series: Former Rachel Roy Designer Moves Back to Detroit to Chase Fashion Dreams


Paulina Petkoski started accomplishing her fashion dreams by moving to NYC, studying at FIT and then getting a highly coveted job as an Associate Designer at Rachel Roy, but she had more ideas and bigger plans for herself. Wanting to create her own namesake label, Paulina let fate bring her back to Detroit to start paving her own path in the city, just as her father once did.

DG3: Tell us about yourself, Paulina.

Paulina Petkoski: I am a professional fashion designer; until mid-2014 I was an Associate Designer on the Rachel Roy design team in NYC. My specialization there was Embellishment Design and Trim Development. I am a very proud Detroiter, however, I grew up in Birmingham and graduated from Groves High School and my Father lived in downtown Detroit, so I spent a lot of time in the city proper. While in NYC, I lived in Brooklyn for the eight years. I have worked with established New-York based designers such as Diane von Furstenberg, Calvin Klein, Isaac Mizrahi, VPL, and Pamella Roland (a native Michigander). As a stylist, I've worked on tons photo shoots with NYC-based photographers and music videos. All of these experiences and amazing people have been so valuable to my development as a designer.

DG3: How did you get into fashion design, where did you go to school and how did you end up in New York?

PP: My Mom has a great story about how when I was a very little girl, she was in a rush to get to work and I would not wear anything she put on me. So she wrapped me in a towel naked and dropped me off at my Grandmother's house so she could dress me. So, I guess you could say I've always had