October 31, 2014

Sandy, from Grease: Tell them about it, stud! Put on your skinniest black wax jeans or leather pants, and tightest top, then curl your hair and sing, “You’re the one that I want, ooh, ooh, ooh, honey,” all night long.



Holly Golightly, from Breakfast at Tiffany’s: Chic...

October 30, 2014

Halloween can (and should) be every fashion girl’s dream; putting together a costume, dressing up and wearing outlandish makeup is something worth thinking about for weeks before the holiday. Our fashion-girl dream: To attend a Halloween costume party as Karl Lagerfeld...

October 30, 2014


This weekend is chock-full of fun and fashionable things to do, so if you’re itching to hit the town, these events will keep you busy!


Business to Success Conference | Thursday, October 30

The Business to Success Conference is perfect for business owners, entrepreneurs...

October 29, 2014


After recent events, those events being Renee Zellweger’s face, DG3’s offices were abuzz with conversations about plastic surgery, beauty routines and skincare. We all know that removing the day’s makeup before bed is very important, but after a few drinks it’s hard t...

October 28, 2014


Eleven-year-old Josie Ervin saw a girl wearing leggings with a different color on each leg, found out that it was a homemade gift from her grandmother and shared this knowledge with her grandfather Tom Ervin. That conversation sparked an idea that would bring Tom back...

October 27, 2014

Detroit-native and blogger Mia Ray has created a blog so successful, she makes a living off of it, and it has even inspired lifestyle products including hair extensions, bags and tees. With over 600,000 blog views, Confessions of a Glam-Aholic features trends, exclusiv...

October 24, 2014


We arrived fashionably late to the grand opening of Frida and it. Was. Packed. A Mariachi band played outside of the store while a group of curious and trés chic fashionistas filtered in and out of the store, some leaving with Frida’s signature unibrow drawn in on the...

October 23, 2014


If you are a fashionista who enjoys accessorizing your smart phone, tablet and laptop, you’re in luck! Detroit’s own Anna Sui has created tech accessories exclusively sold at Best Buy in partnership with the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), which reflec...

October 22, 2014

This weekend is chock-full of fun and fashionable things to do, so if you’re itching to hit the town, these events will keep you busy!


Frida’s Grand Opening | Thursday, October 23

Rachel Lutz, beloved owner of The Peacock Room, has opened another store, this one inspire...

October 21, 2014

Dreary days, like today, should be fully embraced. Does it look stormy? Yes. Is it cold? Of course it is. But let’s use that for outfit inspiration and go gray! Smoky colored garb is great by itself but it's even better when paired with other neutral items. The next ti...

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February 2, 2015

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